ZÄPÄMMÄT’s first single Oikeus olla omansa was released in December 2018. The song Mummoni with music video was released in March 2019, and Juostaan järveen in May 2019.

Zäpämmät’s debut album Äiti maa/ Mother Earth was released in October 2019

Link to album on Spotify: Äiti maa/ Mother Earth

Link to album on Soundcloud: Äiti maa/ Mother Earth

The single Kuovi (Curlew) was released in July 2020.

Link to Spotify: Kuovi

Zäpämmät for Peace (double single) was released in October 2020:

Link to Spotify: Zäpämmät for Peace

If you want to buy a digital or contact disc version of the album or digital versions of Kuovi and Zäpämmät for Peace, please go to the Shop 

Link to the Zäpämmät’s Youtube canal: Zäpämmät’s Youtube canal

Music Video: Mummoni (2019)

Live video clips: An album releasing gig in Helsinki 31.10.2019